The Psychology of Grit: Digging Deeper into the Education of Survival

In Black Psychology, grit represent this inner knowing, this spiritual depth that can only be exercised with powers outside of physical ability. It’s this underhanded grind that includes intelligence, perseverance, motivation, effort, and the passion to see the long game manifest itself in a new reality for the community. It’s this powerful force that cause’s the hunted to become the hunters. It’s what Johannes Kepler refers to as An unfailing experience of mundane events in harmony with the changes occurring in the heavens, that has instructed and compelled my unwilling belief.” The game and so has the rules. New Monopoly games boards are being created daily. It is in this belief that one must dig deeper into the education of survival. As heaven begins to send down its good and evil symbols, we as brilliant philosopher’s must act accordingly, and create 10,000 hours of focused efforts in order to close this new decade in (2030).

Learning the rules of the game strategically means synthesizing all of one’s experience and utilizing the gaps to present a narrative concerning the long game. Nelson Mandela’s subsequent imprisonment at Robben Island was the long game. It just happened to play out in a way that liberated a nation. Philosophically speaking every moment needs attention. I can’t help but to see how every thought, word, deed, circumstance and thinking process shapes the course of my destiny. As a Businessman I am beginning to understand the psychology of grit and how it can shape the narrative for future success. Information is at a record high in America and is doubling daily. It’s sort of turning the mind into this universal creative soul. These changes are causing the world to dig deeper and think long and hard about what direction to go in.

Global structures are crumbling, and the viruses are signs that changes are on the horizon. As, intellectuals we harbor the gifts that allows our greatness to manifest in unique ways. I am reminded of James Baldwin’s penchant for the arts and his travels to Paris as the backdrop for opening the creative formations of the mind. As a gravely misunderstood human being James Baldwin helps me to see the refined nature of grit, and how to bring these thoughts from the dungeons of hell to the mainstreams of intellectual suffering. Black Activism for Self-Education helps to reinforce the notion that the battle belongs to God and us. God’s role in the narrative of freedom presents itself as a byproduct of our willingness to fight the good fight of faith. The controls of life structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in relation with the motions of the universe, is prompting us to rethink how the mind needs to be educated.

Knowledge that is found among the stars needs an interpreter to read its divine truths. We must make it up as we go along. Global business is changing rapidly and visionaries who can see around the corner are needed now than ever before. Too many books, programs, and falsified media representations, sells the true narrative short. All things are possible if you can see beyond the smokescreens of life things tend to become dangerous. Seeing things before they happen is very advantageous in the game of life. What is secret is sacred. Now, ideas become unlimited in your streams of consciousness, trends will start to make your rich and you will begin to reason as to why billionaires use financial astrologers. The question now becomes “How do I cross the bridge towards understanding the power of broke? Damon John’s philosophy about grit helps to prepare a place for your hustle to evolve. It places wealth as a spiritual journey towards learning how to appreciate the synthesis of every experience.

In the NBA grit is something that you can’t teach. You just go out and execute and make things happen outside of the norm. It’s this tenacity and will to exert your will over another opponent. I have been a fan of basketball of all my life and I can say that black athletes possess this knack for surviving even at the level of sport. Get out of your comfort zone, have faith in yourself and make yourself heard. Stop becoming a doormat to the incessant rumblings of fear. Unlearn everything you have been taught for the last 20 years. Shake things up and understand that your survival depends on the education you decide to harbor. Learning can be done in many forms and leads to the greatest transformation known to man, King Solomon, the wisest man that ever-lived asked God for wisdom to manage the affairs of his newfound Kingdom.

King Solomon understood that the universe is weird and unpredictable. The erratic nature of civilizations made a wise and learned man question all things. As CEO of Jerusalem, he understood the importance of turning unpredictable scenarios into goldmines. Success in the 21st century requires this same grit, spiritual connection and a deliberate focus on understanding the nature of existence. Don’t give up. Keep progressing forward.            

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