The Creative Resurrection of Black Economics

Why “Black Wealth Matters” &The New Norm

“The color of the skin is in no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers.” -Benjamin Banneker

“Knowing God has a bigger picture outside of this “Creative Resurrection” Lends it’s hand at the notion of moving forward in faith”

It has been ninety days (Mar 15th) since I first started preparing my life for this new norm in America. I have literally changed everything about the way I live, eat, breathe, think and move in this world. My perspectives concerning racism will never be the same.  I have realized the importance of racism as a group sport and have grasped a real revelation surrounding this concept outside of “Buy Black” and the “Buying Power of the Black Community”. These ideals are extremely important and relevant and will be the backbone of our financial independence, yet I am sensing that “Black Wealth” will enter a new game of Economics on the world stage. Like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes we will begin playing the money game as a group. My faith has given me the time to reflect and speak to the societal ills that are systemic in nature. I have never thought about the game on this level.

Having read “the laws of thinking, 48 laws of power, and the 33 strategies of war has set off a fire storm in my world. I have been trying to fuse these COVID renderings into a plan that can create economic opportunities for the black community. Black Entrepreneurs will lead this charge and create new pathways for this new economic boom in the black community. The way we relate to money will change and those who are willing to play a bigger game will enjoy the fruits of this harvest. A system is needed that will allow the distribution of ideas to flow into the science labs, think-tanks and research centers. Black college will enter a makeover and new communities will emerge as a result of thinking minds that will come forth and see the beauty and importance of Black Education. Due to his COVID many perspectives has shifted and should allow for a greater dimension of self-analysis and groupthink.    

Even as Covid19 has become a black man’s thinking paradise it will soon bring about tons of creative works concerning the times in which we are living. The America as we know will never exist ever again. It may take some time for individuals who are colorblind to catch this new wave. The reason that “Black Wealth Matters” now more than ever is because of the release that is about to take place. It is one thing to get your stimulus and reparations package, but it is another thing to understand the fundamental principles of multiplication from an African American perspective. The new currency for the black community shall be that of “Black Mathematicians”. New discoveries in the way money is counted, divided, circulated, made, and distributed will literally revolutionize black banking as we now know it.

This new banking revolution will create black men and women who will step into their roles as leaders of this new class of intellectuals that will bring Mathematic Breakthroughs & Scientific Discoveries to the world.

Benjamin Banneker (Clocks & Time) Charles Lewis Reason (Childhood Mathematics Prodigy) Kelly Miller (First African American to attend John Hopkins University) Dudley Weldon Woodard (One of the greatest Black Mathematicians of all time) Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes (First black woman to earn a Ph.D in Mathematics) Elbert Frank Cox (First African-American ever to receive Ph.D in Mathematics) William Schieffelin Claytor (Third black women to receive a Ph.D in Mathematics) Marjorie Lee Browne (Third African-American to earn a Ph.D in Mathematics) David Harold Blackwell (Only black inducted into National Academy of Sciences) Jesse Ernest Wilkins Jr (Entering University at the age of 13)

The spirit of these Mathematic Pioneers is beginning to resurface and claim the gold. Children are wiser and smarter than any previous generation ever known to man. Why? Based on the principle of “Glory to Glory” Human intelligence may delay its entrance into the unknown, but it will never go back the same way it came. The last 500 years for African Americans has not been glitz and glamour but we learned many lessons throughout these sojourns. So, who is to blame? Whites? God? Slavery? Disobedience?  Systemic Racism? Jim Crow? What does it mean to move forward post COVID? What does it mean to lead from a future that cannot be predicted or understood? Given the nature of this creative resurrection we must be able to capture destiny with a new lens.

To the untrained eye there has arisen lots of distortion and distractions around the truth of this pandemic. We are in a new norm and will help carry America into her destiny. America was not born to enslave and oppress a people. She has a destiny and legacy to fulfill. She is not exempt from paying the price of her original sin “Slavery”. She is young, dumb, rich, arrogant and emotional and wants to keep the hierarchy of established means in place if she can. As a nation if you haven’t come into the wealth that God has brought to her shores it makes the process of understanding her ways very difficult. Nobody can box with God. There is a reverence for power that one must have in order to grasp change at its fundamental level. Where do we go from here? What is the next course of action to take?

In the 48 laws of power, Law 32 suggests to “Play to People’s Fantasy”. In the RealtyChange is slow and gradual. It requires hard work, a bit of luck, a fair amount of self-sacrifice, and a lot of patience”. But the Fantasy explains that “A sudden transformation will bring a total change in one’s fortune, bypassing work, luck, self-sacrifice, and time in one fantastic stroke”.  Translation: Riches lie hidden beneath the surface of falsified realities. Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America nor did the Indians. As the seed for the root of civilization blacks have already traversed the world. While the masses think that blacks are crying to equal treatment & justice a bigger game is being played. The real magical key is that creativity lies in the palms of our hands and has been for centuries.

But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.  Exodus 1:12       

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