Posted on 6:26 pm - 20 Oct 2020

Wow! Nice blog

    Posted on 6:32 pm - 20 Oct 2020

    Thanks. I like your Blog as well.

Shamika Meshondra Crouch
Posted on 1:06 am - 21 Oct 2020

Whew… Your blogs just keep getting better and better and I just subscribed. To your point, although I have remained employed through this “crisis”, well before Covid I was already asking myself what I wanted the next 5 years of life. So as we obviously been home more I formed my single member LLC for my design and construction project management consulting as well as my mobile home business. Even during this time of confusion I was certain that I wanted to emerge from this with a clear plan of action for my life. While I never want to diminish the devastating affects of the pandemic, if you are still here and healthy this is time to take inventory of your life.

I appreciate you.

    Posted on 2:33 am - 21 Oct 2020

    Wonderful Reply Shamika. And thanks for the love. Yes, this is definitely the time to take inventory of one’s life and begin setting a new course of action for post covid19. I love the action you are taking with the goals you have set. Keep up the great work. It’s individuals like yourself and these comments that truly keeps me motivated to keep going. Thanks again.

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The Manifesto Mentality

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